Batteries Overview

Bosch Hightec AGM

Advanced Start-Stop technology

Suitable for vehicles with AGM as original equipment (OE) battery (AGM). With Absorbent Glass Mat technology, it is relevant for most Start-Stop engines with regenerative braking. It has higher recharging capacity and up to 3 times cyclic endurance than conventional battery.

Bosch Hightec EFB

Entry level Start-Stop technology

Designed for vehicles with entry-level Start-Stop technology for Fuel Efficiency and Enhanced Flooded
Battery (EFB). It has extended cycle life with optimized power.

Bosch Hightec AMS

Alternator Management System

Designed for vehicles with Alternator Management System (AMS) and heavy electrical consumption. It comes with High charge acceptance with enhanced durability to withstand frequent charge and discharge cycles.

Bosch Auxiliary

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM)

For Mercedes Benz with dual battery system. Provides backup power in case of emergency. AGM technology offers long service life and is highly resilient to deep discharges.

Bosch Mega Power Silver

Calcium-Silver Technology

For modern vehicles with sophisticated built-in electronic features. It comes with high corrosion resistance with increased service life.

Bosch Mega Power Lite

Silver Coated Technology

For modern vehicles with emphasis on weight reduction to improve fuel efficiency. It comes enhanced with silver, which offers high corrosion resistance and improved service life. An environmentally friendly battery.

Bosch Mega Power

Calcium-Calcium Technology

Suitable for standard vehicles with additional electrical components. It has high starting power with minimum water loss.

Bosch Mega Power (Dry Charged)

Lead Antimony

An economic option for both passenger and commercial vehicles with basic energy requirements. It has excellent heat resistance suitable for hot environment.